spring electrical checklistDo you see that outside, Tri-Cities? It’s the the sun! And it’s glorious! This time of year, even for us at Medport Electric, is a time to organize, clean, and refresh our home — maybe even take on small home improvement projects around the house. But, in addition to the usual ways you prep your home for spring, have you considered tuning up and updating your electrical system? Consider this your Spring Electrical checklist from your  Tri-Cities, WA electricians at Medport Electric. We’re here to ensure your home is safe and up-to-date just in time for Spring. So you can go out and enjoy the weather and being outdoors without a care in the world!

Spring Electrical Checklist for Tri-Cities, WA


  1. Make sure electrical outlets are covered — protect your electrical outlets against spring rain. Walk around your home for a quick inspection to see if the winter weather hasn’t damaged any of the covers. Most home improvement and appliance stores carry them and they are inexpensive!
  2. Check before you dig — we all want to enjoy the warm outdoors out on the patio or lounging in our backyard, so some nice outdoor ambient lighting should do the trick right? If better outdoor lighting is on your to-buy list then we recommend enlisting the help of a licensed electrical professional, since installing outdoor lighting may require breaking ground. You wouldn’t want to accidentally hit a utility line!
  3. Test security lighting and motion detectors to ensure they’re working properly. Criminal activity tends to increase during warmer weather and putting up a necessary defense will ensure you have a worry free Spring.
  4. Change direction of your ceiling fan — yes you read that right! Most homeowners aren’t aware that ceiling fans can spin both ways. To enjoy better ventilation during warm days, adjust your ceiling fan so that it pushes the air down, that way the air coming out of your air conditioner stays where it’s supposed to. To change direction of ceiling fan, locate the direction switch and turn it counter clockwise.
  5. Last but not least — check all the wiring to your pool or hot tubs to ensure a short circuit doesn’t ruin the fun for everybody.
Need help with any of the following? Contact your licensed Tri-Cities, WA electricians at Medport Electric. Medport Electric knows the right things to do to maximize the comfort and safety of your home especially during Spring!!