For many homeowners who don’t know the warning signs and who don’t know when to call for help, the ins and outs of an electrical malfunction might go completely unperceived. But knowing the warning signs and knowing what to do is an important safety precaution we should be knowledgeable about and even pass on to our children. Things like a flickering light or a flipping breaker might be signs that something is going terribly wrong or symptoms of a larger issue. Leaving electrical problems un-dealt with can have serious consequences. Namely, they can lead to fires. Each year, electrical fires cause $1.5 billion in damage. For Medport Electric, our main concern is the safety and comfort of our clients. That is why we take any chance we get to educate and empower our clients with the right information. Many common issues just require a call to a local, licensed and knowledgeable Tri-Cities, WA electrician — other times however you may need to call the fire department. Here is how to tell the difference.

Common concerns handled by an electrician

We see these problems almost daily, and we can tell you easily what is the problem and present you with possible solutions. These are all problems that are easily recognized and assed by your local Tri-Cities, Wa electrician. Things like flickering lights are easily diagnosable. If this problem occurs when you’re operating high-energy usage appliances like washers, fries, and heating and air, then it is likely that the outlet you’ve plugged it into was not intended to hold these kinds of appliances. If this is the problem, then all you need is some additional wiring work done to make adapt the circuit to high energy demands of that appliance. if the flicker is not associated with an appliance, than we recommend having an electrician work on the conductors in your electrical panel. A knowledgeable electrician will provide an accurate diagnosis and give you a an accurate estimate of the work required.
Your breaker box could also be another problem area. For example, if you hear a buzzing or humming sound from a breaker box then call your local Tri-Cities, WA electrician. Some humming is not abnormal for a breaker box since there is a lot affectivity circulating through it, but if the humming and buzzing becomes louder and more persistent, then an electrician will be able to come in and assess the problem accurately. The same goes when plugging in electrical appliances. If you notice visible sparking or arcing when plugging in appliances there is likely a problem with your power box or wiring. It may be nothing, or it may be something. But it’s always better to err on the side safety and call your local electrician to prevent further issues.

When to call the fire department

There are instances, however, when you should definitely call the Fire Department. We’ve seen one too many times the sad news of houses experiencing a fire due to a preventable electrical problem. If you smell burnt or musty wiring smell then call the fire department right away. The smell is easily recognizable and can save you worry down the road. Things like prolonged sparking from an appliance should be looked at right away and can be cause for serious concern. Tripping breaker are also a cause for concern, especially if it’s happening more than usual. If you ever feel like your life and the lives of your loved ones is in danger than it’s better to be safe than sorry, don’t hesitate to call the fire department. In the least, they can alleviate your fears that what you’re experiencing is normal or not.
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